It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

Digital Rewards are the easiest way to deliver real-world products in a digital form. The simplicity of reward code-based promotions can solve many logistical issues. To redeem their reward, recipients will follow the instructions located on their reward card, product or online.

Intel Music Download Card

Step 1

Recipients find the Reward Code located on the back of a card, package or online.

Music Download Website

Step 2

They visit the website provided, enter their reward code, and choose their gift.

Woman listening to music

Step 3

They enjoy their gift courtesy of your brand, company, or organization.

Avengers Movie Ticket Promotion

Solving Your Promotional Challenges

Traditionally, when implementing promotions, you expect to run into snags along the way. From finding an offering that is valuable and will cater to a large, diverse target audience to managing complex shipping and distribution logistics, factoring in heavy delivery costs, and navigating import timelines and regulations. And of course, the larger the program, the more these challenges are magnified.

  • Products Your Customers Desire
  • Unlimited Inventory
  • Frictionless Implementation
  • Easy and Affordable to Ship, Store & Distribute
  • Reach a Wide Audience

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Modern Rewards For Connected Consumers

Digital rewards include popular gifts that have real value and are products that consumers desire.

By providing incentives that people love and regularly use — such as music, movies, magazines and eBooks — a brand can offer recipients popular rewards with instant gratification and unlimited selection.

  • More than 80% of U.S. households have some type of personal computer or laptop and almost half have more than one, according to Forrester Research.
  • 85% of American Adults have a cell phone — and over 50% of them are smartphones, according to the Pew Research Center.
  • 47% of households with annual household incomes of $75,000 or more have tablets, according to the Pew Research Center.
Chart of web connected devices

Web-connected devices Past, Present and Future

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iPhone playing music

The Latest In Entertainment

Offering the top entertainment available today — from hit songs, new movie releases, popular magazines, top home movie rentals and more — our products strongly associate your brand with the latest and greatest of what is available in digital and physical entertainment.

Associate your brand with the modern online gifts that unique, custom branded Digital Rewards have to offer.

  • Connecting brands with cool entertainment rewards brings even more value to the promotion.
  • The choice of the most popular modern entertainment bring relevance to the brand.
  • Our ever-evolving catalog of rewards ensures the latest in entertainment is always available and keeps the promotion current.

Incentives Your Customers Value

Digital rewards have a real, high perceived valuable to the consumer making them excellent customer and employee motivators.

They are products that they choose for entertainment in their everyday lives. Offering digital gifts increase engagement and acquisition much more effectively than traditional promotional items, standard discounts or equivalent cash value offerings.

Your customers and employees will enjoy receiving complimentary digital rewards for things they regularly enjoy and appreciate the offer and the company providing it.

  • Americans spend 11 hours a day with electronic media, according to Nielsen.
  • The average American household spends over $1,100 a year on electronic gadgets, according to the Consumer Electronic Association.
  • U.S. adults now spend more time on digital devices than watching TV, according to eMarketer.
Infographic on digital incentive popularity

*Motion Picture Association of America, **Forrester Research, ***Nielsen/Billboard; Pew Research Center, ****Mintel

Man and woman infographic

Unlimited Choice, Universal Appeal

An incentive that has the ability to reach multiple demographics, digital rewards have universal appeal and allow customers to select their personal reward.

With choice and unlimited inventory, Digital Rewards make it possible to give the right reward to the right customer at the right time. Run large scale promotions and reach multiple demographics at the same time with one reward.

  • With over 6-million tracks, including major and independent labels, music downloads are a convenient reward to cover many demographic segments.
  • With over 35,000 screens available, movie ticket promotions ensure that no matter their interests, your customers will walk away happy.
  • Magazine subscriptions to well-known titles such as Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, Food Network and more guarantee that no matter their taste, there is something for everyone.

No Other Promotional Item Ships For Less

High shipping costs can eat into you profit margin more than you may realize. Don’t overlook the importance of cost-effective delivery. If you don’t consider all costs, not just the cost of the premium, what looks like a great promotion on paper can actually cause you to lose money.

By running promotions with portable and affordable digital gifts, you can provide popular incentives people regularly use, all at a fraction of the cost of shipping other items.

  • Shipping costs on 1,000 cards can be as low as $12. That's about a penny per item to ship!
  • Often, it costs less to ship reward cards priority overnight than delivering the same number of traditional items ground.
  • Include digital reward codes on packaging, at the register, in emails, and more to cut reward distribution expenses entirely.
Box of digital reward cards

An Entire Promotion in the Palm of Your Hand

Imagine five hundred promotional items in the palm of your hand. Lightweight and easy-to-distribute, digital reward cards fit easily in a manager's desk drawer, behind a teller's bank counter, in a sales rep's suitcase or at a job fair booth. Unlike other physical items, there’s no need for large amounts of inventory and storage space.

Box of digital reward cards

Digital Rewards For Every Industry

Popular with consumers and universally appealing, our digital gifts and incentives cut across all industries with offerings that can reach many different demographics, audiences and run large, natural promotions in a variety of industries.

  • Automotive

    Make it easy for manufacturers and dealers to generate excitement on the showroom floor and gift customers for test-drives, purchases and service appointments.

  • Universities

    Whether it’s for recruiting students, engaging undergrads and faculty, or reconnecting with alumni, digital rewards are a creative way to connect with multiple university audiences.

  • Entertainment

    Today's film, TV and gaming industries use digital incentives to capture the attention of audiences a popular event giveaways, on-pack incentives, co-branded cross-promotions, and street team handouts.

  • CPG

    When teamed with on-pack offers, Digital Reward Card promos can generate an immediate boost in sales, create buzz for a new product or brand and inspire customer loyalty for your business.

  • Retail

    Cut through the clutter on retail shelves and help your brand or store boost sales, clear out merchandise, connect with customers, and increase brand loyalty with digital reward cards at checkout or on packaging.

  • Banking

    Appealing to all age groups and with a real consumer value , our products encourage and thank customers for opening new accounts, making deposits, converting to paperless statements, making referrals and more.

  • Healthcare

    Digital rewards create an easy way for insurance companies, hospitals, and health networks to drive traffic at health fairs, promote their organization at events, and thank patients for feedback, referrals, and more.

  • Government & Utilities

    A great way for government agencies, armed forces and utility companies to encourage preferred billing, service additions, warranty enrollment and even to recruit candidates or thank and motivate employees.

  • Technology

    Digital gifts, such as music downloads and movie tickets are an excellent way for the ever-evolving tech market to introduce new products, reward consumer feedback, motivate employees, and enhance recruiting efforts.

  • Travel & Tourism

    Whether it’s when booking their trip, for bundling services, or at check in or check out, digital rewards are simple yet popular incentives are an effective way for airlines, hotels and auto rental providers to say thanks.