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Reward your customers, employees and prospects the way they live: Digitally

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The New Standard In Incentives

Made up of a full range of physical and digital products, our digital rewards include popular items like music downloads, movie tickets, digital movie rentals, magazine subscriptions, eBooks and beyond. With our proprietary, easy-to-implement platform, brands can offer these popular gifts for less than their perceived value.

Digital rewards on mobile devices

  • Real Value

    Today’s hyper-connected consumers enjoy access to premium rewards from today’s top providers, platforms and retailers that they already enjoy in their every day life.

  • Universal Appeal

    With choice and unlimited inventory, digital rewards make it possible to give the right reward to the right customer at the right time. The same reward can be used to reach multiple demographics at the same time.

  • Relevant Rewards

    By offering incentives that people love and regularly use — such as music, movies, magazines and books — a brand can offer recipients popular rewards with instant gratification and unlimited selection.

  • Easy To Implement

    Digital reward promotions are one of the most practical and cost-effective available because these turnkey solutions can be integrated into virtually any promotion and are easy to implement and deliver.

Stack of branded gift cards

The Time for Digital is Now

There’s no denying it. Today’s world is digital, and modern life is intertwined with technology. On average, Americans own four digital devices and engage with media content for more than 60 hours per week.* With so many smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and more in circulation, it should be no surprise that the number of Internet-connected devices now exceeds the number of people on Earth.**

Digital rewards allow you to keep pace with promotions that couple frictionless implementation and high-perceived value consumer rewards that are powerful enough to drive promotions of any size, from simple employee recognition programs to mass fulfillment consumer campaigns.

*Nielsen, **Cisco

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Not Just Cards, Digital Rewards Can Go Anywhere...

One of the most versatile promotional gifts on the market, all you need is a code to deliver a successful solution for your brand. Here are just a few ideas...

Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Print codes on direct mail pieces for cost-effective delivery. You can deliver a full digital campaign for little more than the cost of postage.

Reward Code on Consumer Product

On Packaging

Include codes as on-pack and in-pack premiums — codes can be printed on packing, included as a secure peel-and-reveal label, and more.

Digital Reward on Catalina Receipt


Reach customers at the transaction level by providing codes on receipts or via Catalina coupons at the register for qualifying purchases.

Online / SMS

Online / SMS

Deliver reward codes in emails and SMS text messages or provide them to those who complete online purchases or other desired actions.

The Customer Connection

In modern society, brands are no longer judged by what they say. They are judged by what they do. When it comes to positive brand association, in many ways, rewards, gifts and incentives work like nothing else.

Many of the world’s largest companies — in industries from financial to healthcare to retail and everywhere in between — have used digital rewards for everything from customer loyalty gifts and brand awareness to event giveaways, employee recognition, and beyond.

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